Welcome to Roger Stine's Personal Tech Site

I have decided to redesign my site (again) even though it was only just recently incorporated a new forum software. The reason for this is because I now work full-time and I don't want to discontinue my web site, so I have decided to reoganise things in a way where it doesn't require as regular updates as I have been doing before.

The changes consist of incorporating all the important areas of the site here - including my other projects. The blog as it was at was is now redirecting to the new home...

Not everything is complete yet - will be done over the weekend.

I recently started a private blog, writing about things involved with running Software Testing Club and working towards my personal aims of running a flexible and sustainable business. The highs, the lows, nitty gritty details that I normally wouldn't write about online. Perhaps an odd bit of Rosie humour in there too!

It's not something I will publish immediately, but hopefully within the next year or two there will be enough information there to make it somewhat interesting.

Keep me motivated by registering your interest!

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